A Tour Of My Podcast Studio

I’ve always been fascinated by radio, and as of late, podcasts. In college, I hosted a radio show on the local campus radio station, and a few years ago, I hosted a podcast called Northwest Wedding Weekly. I was perhaps a little ahead of the podcast craze – especially for the wedding industry – but now that podcasts have exploded in popularity as a great “on-demand” audio medium for content, I’m excited to announce that I’m producing a couple of podcast shows, which will be released soon!

With that said, I’m also excited to offer a virtual tour of the remodeled podcast studio at my office; and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It all started with finding the perfect desk, and the Ikea desk you see in the photos I randomly stumbled upon at a Goodwill was just that: perfect. (And with a price tag of only $20, it was a no brainer!) A couple of days later, the podcast studio at Tony Schwartz Productions was completely transformed: brighter, warmer, more intimate, and capable of including three in-studio guests, plus a producer, one call-in guest, and two podcast guests.

In other words, in my humble opinion, it’s a pretty awesome professional podcast studio!