Throwback Thursday: My First Club Flyer

I was cleaning out my closet the other day and came across this club flyer from way back in the day. It was my first DJ flyer – the only one I’ve ever held on to – and I just remember thinking how cool it was to see my DJ name on a club flyer. Since I was attending the University of Puget Sound at the time, I passed it out in the cafeteria of the student union building and exactly zero people came up from Tacoma.

Lessons I’ve Learned As I Transition To A Paperless Home & Office

Over the past two months, I’ve focused less on my blog and more on getting my house and office in order, so to speak. One of my main goals – and as I’ve come to discover, an extremely time-consuming endeavor for an entrepreneur like myself – was to make the switch in 2017 to a completely paperless home and office.

As of this post, I’m nearly there. The photo above came from a three-hour shredding session at my office; those four plastic bags and two plastic boxes are ten year’s worth of client paperwork for three different companies of mine. I’ve also sold a couple of filing cabinets, freeing up more space around the office. On a smaller scale, I’ve done similar at my house.

My goal is to be done by March 1st – and that includes digitally organizing the files on my computer as well, too. In the meantime, I wanted to pass on a few of the lessons I’ve learned for those considering going paperless: